5 Way – How To Face Your Fear Motivational Speech In English

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5 Way - How To Face Your Fear Motivational Speech In English

Today we are going to talk about five such fears which no person should have at all. And out of these five fears, you will definitely have one or the other. And if you have any of these five fears, then you will never be able to succeed, so there is only one way to avoid this, identify these fears within yourself and eliminate them from your life.

Every person is definitely afraid of something or the other in his life, but in the process of being afraid, he forgets what he has to be afraid of and what he should not be afraid of, the one who has to be afraid, he does it without any worry and the one who doesn’t. One has to be afraid of that work and remains afraid of that thing throughout his life.

1. Fear of criticism

Fear of criticism which is the biggest fear in the world. Ninety percent of the world does not follow their passion because they are afraid of what their parents will say, what their siblings will say, what their husband or wife will say, what their children will say or what their relatives will say. Think about whether you have this fear inside you.

Thomas Alva Edison was criticized in his childhood and declared him mentally retarded and expelled him from school. Even today people call Elon Musk crazy because he talks about settling humans on Mars.

When Amitabh Bachchan went to give his first interview, he was made fun of for his height and his voice and it was said that a person like you can never become an actor. If you too have this fear then remove that fear today itself because if all of them had this fear then they would not have become great today. Therefore always remember this Golden Word [People will say something, it is people’s job to say.]

2. Fear of losing someone’s love

Fear of Losing Someone: This fear is not visible but it is inside everyone. Every person thinks that what will happen to me if my husband or wife leaves me, what will happen to me if my boyfriend or my girlfriend leaves me, what will happen to me if my children leave me, every person thinks this. His life will be ruined because someone leaves him.

Many children fall in love at a very young age and then are not able to take any major decision in life because they are afraid that because of that decision the other person might leave them. No person should have this fear in any form. Understand this with a positive example, Virat Kohli was only 17 years old when he saw his father breathing his last around 3 o’clock one night. The next day he had a very important match.

He first played that match and then performed the last rites of his father because Virat Kohli knew what his father’s dream was, he overcame this fear and fulfilled his father’s and his own dreams. Therefore, always remember this Golden Word [To gain something in life, you always have to lose something]

3. Fear of Poverty

Fear of Poverty: Whenever you ask a person to open a new business, learn a new skill, buy books or use new technology, he will first tell you about his poverty. And after that they will say what will happen to me if I fail in this.

But think about it, if Dhiru Bhai Ambani had this fear, he would never have been successful. His family was of seven people. Due to poor financial condition, he went to Yemen and started working there for Rs. 300, but today the whole world knows the name of Reliance. Therefore, do not be afraid that you are poor, think about how to get out of that poverty, therefore always remember this Golden Word [A person is not born poor, he becomes poor because of his thinking]

4. Fear of Old Age or Dying

Fear of Old Age or Dying: You must have heard many people at the age of 30 to 35 saying that now we have become old, what will happen forever. If Nelson Mandela had thought like this, imagine what would have been the future of South Africa. When Nelson Mandela was 46 years old, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He remained in prison for 27 years, but at the age of 74, he came out of prison and became the first President of South Africa. He changed the history of South Africa. If he too had such thinking, he would never have been successful.

5. Fear of disease

Many people are disabled by birth and many people become disabled later due to circumstances, many people are afraid that they may get some major disease and on the basis of this many people are running their business. -They sell their policies, sell medicines and scare you in the name of disease.

I am not afraid of dying, nor am I in a hurry to die, but I want to do a lot of good before I die. This was said by the great scientist Stephen Hawking. He was absolutely fine in his childhood but when he turned 18, he had to do his daily tasks. I started having problems.

One day he fell unconscious and when he woke up, half of his body stopped working. The doctor said that he cannot survive much longer. Gradually his entire body stopped working but he had a mind which always kept going and he is the great scientist who brought the black hole theory to the whole world.

You sit today itself and find out which of these five fears is inside you.

1. Fear of Criticism
2. Fear of Losing Someone
3. Fear of Poverty
4. Fear of Old Age or Dying
5. Fear of Disease

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