Crazy For GYM – Motivational Speech In English

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Crazy For GYM - Motivational Speech In English

By the time you read this, 50,000 cells in your body will die, and new cells will take their place. When you take just one step, you use 200 different muscles. During your lifetime, you will hear your heart beat three hundred million times, and during that time it will pump 180 million liters of blood. You are blinking. If yes, then you are also using 3 different muscles.

Our body is an amazing machine, which easily rebuilds the damaged tissue. Your body has that adaptive tissue which does 75% of the work of building your body, that is why the thing which seems difficult in the beginning becomes easy after some time. Is. But still, whenever you enter the gym for the first time, your senses will be blown away.

When you look at yourself in front of others in the mirror, you find yourself the weakest. You see people around you who are stronger than you and fitter than you. They do 20 pushups and you can’t do even one, they do 50 dips and you can’t do even one, when you go to exercise you meet ten people and after a few days, seeing no progress, you decide to leave the gym and You forget.

Your body is an amazing machine that repairs and rebuilds millions of muscles. You forget that someone made fun of your body, you forget that the girl you loved made fun of you and cheated on you and you have to answer her. You were building this body for, you forget.

My friend ,
Bodybuilding is such a dream which is not fulfilled overnight, for it you have to work hard for months, you have to give up your favorite junk food, you have to follow a diet, when you workout, pain will definitely come and hug you, but you will get rid of it. You will exercise yourself again with your arms.

Pain will be happy with this but he will not tell you when you will make him your companion, he will act as a protector and inspiration for you and this pain will eliminate your extra fat, will convert your weaknesses into your strength and will make you a rock. . Today he is the same bodybuilder who killed the human inside him and made himself a machine and trained himself like an animal.

You are an unstoppable machine and this gym is your battle field. You will face many obstacles but your hunger to build your body will fight all these obstacles and eliminate them. In this battle, there will be situations that will distract you to knock you out, but when Until you complete this mission, you will have to keep moving forward in any situation.

You have to focus on your goals in every situation, victory is more important than your life, get up, do a set and enjoy the pain because you are a machine made of iron which has no limitations.

Hey, the one who will never get tired, the one who will never stop will make his weaknesses stronger and his body will become steel and you will not be able to stop yourself from doing the workout which you found difficult and will answer to the people and answer to those people. What they said will not happen to you, you will not be able to do this.

When you go in front of that girl with your muscular body, you will not need to say anything, she will automatically feel that leaving you was the biggest mistake of her life. Keep working out, bear the pain, keep becoming different from the crowd, and Keep becoming the hero of your life.

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