How To Stop Bad Habits In English For Students

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How To Stop Bad Habits In English For Students

How To Stop Bad Habits In English – Many times in life, you get such habits which do not leave you from childhood to youth and from youth to old age, sometimes those habits are very small, they do not have much effect on your life.

But sometimes some small habits gradually become big, but then even after being troubled for your million wishes, those habits do not separate from you. Because of which you get into a lot of trouble, do all the work in life, there is no harm in doing any work. But when you cross your limits and do something repeatedly, make it your habit, then it becomes wrong again.

The first time you do something thinking that I will try it once, then I will never do it, the second time you think that I will do it once again.

The third and fourth time your somebody comes to you and forces you to do this and you do it, and slowly it happens so many times that you get used to it, and you know it works too doesn’t and once you do it’s a habit, you can’t live without doing it.

Now whether he has the habit of lying, the habit of cheating someone, the habit of drinking alcohol or the habit of smoking cigarettes. Any kind of habit is bad for your life, wrong, you know it very well, it harms you a lot, you also know it very well, but why are you not able to end it, because you It has become a habit.

Just think and say while smoking that this is my last cigarette, after this I will not smoke, has any person quit smoking, quit alcohol, or any other bad deed.. hasn’t quit? Then think and see why you speak like that, that speaking or commenting like this can also leave your habits. No way..

There is another habit of human being which is probably not from today, it must have been going on since the time the earth was formed, and that is the habit of lying to oneself, the habit of deceiving oneself, and perhaps you also deceive yourself many times. Keeps on giving.

You keep thinking that just by speaking it will happen, while you also know that you have not been able to leave that bad habit till now and will never be able to leave it. If you really want to give up those bad things, those bad habits, then you really have to decide right now and from this very moment that I will never do that thing after today.

Can you control yourself

If you have promised yourself, were you able to control yourself, ask yourself and if you could not control, do the same thing again, then make yourself sit at a place and ask yourself which one? There is something which is forcing you to do those bad things and bad deeds.

Suppose earlier you used to enjoy doing those things, you used to feel heaven, but you yourself know that that thing, that habit is not heaven but hell and you yourself are living in that hell. You can get yourself out of that hell. Promise yourself that I will never do that or that thing until I am on my deathbed.

I know very well that when you try to leave something, the same thing comes in front of you again and again, you feel like doing the same thing again and again, but you persuade, explain, punish yourself that This thing is wrong, means wrong. Remember that even a few days ago, you must have told your friend that it is enough, now I have to leave it, I will leave it, but till now you are not able to leave it.

Question yourself and remember that there is no one in the world except you who can help you quit your habits. It is very important to adopt a positive attitude to quit any bad habit. To divert your attention from the bad habit, keep yourself busy, keep yourself busy in any favorite activity like sports, books, movies etc. Try not to be alone.

Only one person can help you and that is you yourself, promise yourself and leave these bad habits, if you like these things then do share.

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