This Speech Will Change Your Life – Motivation Ki Aag

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This Speech Will Change Your Life - Motivation Ki Aag

Motivation Ki Aag Speech In English – If you really want to change your life then these speeches can change your life. But when you feel that something inside you is worth changing, only then you will actually change those things which you have been thinking about changing for months and years.

Only when you will not wait for the New Year to come, you will change that thing from today itself. You wait every day for someone to come and wave a magic wand over you and your entire life will change. Do you really think that will happen? Or are you just sacrificing your life under some pretext?

First you made an excuse of getting up late, then you made an excuse of not studying and after that now you are saying that if someone had helped you, you would have been somewhere else. Remember, in the list of fools there are only problems and in the list of wise people there are solutions to those problems. Why do you think that there are problems only in your life and there is no problem in anyone else’s life?

Hey, go out a little and see those people who do not have a home to sleep, they are sleeping on the road. They don’t have blankets to cover themselves and are shivering in the cold. Hey, look at those people who have no legs, no eyes, no hands. God has given you everything but even after that you are still just going on thinking.

Everyone wants a good body but no one wants to go to the gym because it hurts and you are only troubled by that problem. You want to move ahead in your life without any trouble.

If he wanted, even Steve Jobs could have made excuses because his parents had given him up for adoption to someone else in his childhood, but he did not make any excuse and moved ahead with his life. If he wanted, he could have made an excuse when he created the world’s largest company, Apple, and after that he was thrown out of his own company.

But he did not stop, did not bow down and always kept moving forward in his life and he built a new company and if he wanted, he could have made an excuse when he got a big disease like cancer. If he wanted, he could have said that I have a serious illness and now I cannot work but he did not do that, he gave his 100% to make Apple the best company in the whole world.

Troubles come in every person’s life, but the winner is not the one who sits looking at the troubles, the winner is the one who finds solutions to those problems and always moves forward in his life, then your victory is certain. Ask yourself whether you are going to stand firm in the face of difficulties or give up.

This world never respects those who sit down after losing, they never win in the world, they are never able to progress in the world. Remember, it is better to run a race with 10 people and lose than to run a race alone. Hey, you should find out your capability, what is inside you and what is not, you get scared in the beginning itself, whenever you start any work, a half defeat comes in front of you and you sit down in defeat.

Why don’t you ask yourself what do you want from your life? If a child was born just by thinking, then every person in this world would be successful, every person would be rich, he would have everything he wants but Actually this does not happen.

The real truth of life is that to achieve everything you will have to work, after that you will have to be patient. Many times you will fall, lose and people will say bad things about you. Sometimes you will feel like doing that work, sometimes you will not. But in this race of life, only that person will move forward who will face every difficulty boldly and will only keep moving forward in his life.

Bill Gates made a very good point that I was never one of the kids who sat at the front of my class. I was always one of the kids who sat at the back. But today I feel very happy that all the children who were sitting in the front now work in my company.

Therefore, you should also never check whether you are ahead or behind, above or below. Just see how much honesty, determination and dedication you are able to do your work with. Only hard work and your self-confidence are the only forces that will take you forward in life. It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks about you, what matters is what you think about yourself.

Sit yourself alone and ask yourself what is right and what is wrong within you. What things do you want to improve and what things do you want to eliminate from your life? So don’t delay and change your life right now.

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