Thought Can Change Your Life – English Motivational Speech

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Thought Can Change Your Life - English Motivational Speech

Thought Can Change Your Life – Have you ever thought that your thoughts are the medium through which you can achieve whatever you want in life? Only thoughts can take the form of that object. Whatever you want to achieve in life is achieved when it is combined with the idea of ​​a certain goal and your dedication. But anything starts with thought, no work is done in this world without thinking and even if it is done, its result is not certain whether it will be right or wrong.

Whenever you start any work, you think with what plan this work should be done. Now the better your idea is, the better you will be able to do that work.

The birth of everything in this world started with a thought. All the great and successful people you see today were the first to think about that thing, so think a little about the power of thought and recognize it within yourself. Give Him the space that your thoughts will become your object for you.

The better your thoughts become, the better this world will become for you. Many people’s life remains bad because there is no clarity in their thoughts, their thoughts are not clean. There is jealousy, jealousy, fear, anger, etc. in their thoughts. That things happen. Which they try to keep for others but they end up destroying themselves. We cannot become strong unless we strengthen our thoughts.

Once a little girl went to her uncle to ask for money. Her uncle was harvesting wheat. The girl said, “Uncle, my mother has asked you to bring Rs. 500.” Uncle said, “I am working right now, so You go away from here right now.

The girl said okay but she did not go. Uncle got busy in his work. When uncle looked back after some time, the girl was still standing there. Uncle again told the girl why are you standing here, go away. The girl again said yes but she did not go. She stood there. Uncle again got busy in his work but then after some time he saw that the girl was standing there again. Uncle now got very angry.

Uncle came to the girl with a stick lying near him and shouted loudly saying that you did not hear that you should go away from here but the girl stood there with her indomitable courage and said that my mother asked for 500 rupees. Unless you give me that, I will not leave from here. That uncle got scared for a while and dropped the stick from his hands. He gave 500 rupees to the girl and asked her to leave from there.

Now you think and see why this happened.. This happened because the girl had a clear idea about whatever thing she had gone to get, that she would never leave from there until she got it and so on. He has done.

Now think about it and see whether your thoughts are so clear. Do you know what you want or does your mind keep wandering here and there again and again? A big reason for the wandering of your mind is the lack of clarity in your thoughts because your thoughts are not clear about what you want from yourself. What is it? Then how will you get that thing? But you are just running and running in an open field without any clear thoughts. Maybe you get something but you don’t get anything, why because your thoughts are not clear.

Get clear in your thoughts about what you want from yourself, tell yourself that this is all you want and then all your attention should be there, just like that girl who knew what she wanted.

Increase your knowledge to clarify your thoughts. The narrower your knowledge is, the more shallow your thoughts will be, the more vague they will be and because of that you will not be able to think far, you will not be able to see far, so understand this. And strengthen your thoughts and change your life.

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